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AZ Cash for Gold Estate Services is Arizona’s most trusted full-service estate liquidation company! One call and we can do it all, whether you need an Estate Auction, Estate Sale, Personal Property Appraisal or Real Estate representation.

AZ Cash for Gold Services has built a reputation for dependable and honest service. We help our clients navigate the difficult estate liquidation process and we have earned a proven track record for making the estate process as simple and smooth as possible.

Our mission is to make the process as simple and smooth as possible for the personal representative or executor by guiding our clients through all aspects of the estate process. We are committed to approaching each job with the same level of expertise, care and competence you deserve. We are confident we can meet all your full-service estate needs while exceeding your expectations.

How or why we start offering estate services


We Love Arizona

We are locals, and because we saw a need for more honestly and integrity from the business here, we decided to start providing this service. All services are just a way to serve a need that the community has. It was from this need that we started this service, from the requests of our clients and their expressions of frustration, and above all because we all deserve better. 

Often times these companies weren't intentionally providing a poor service, they just needed a different perspective.


Unique Perspective

We started out in the precious metals trade and moved into collectibles, high end jewelry, diamonds, and these changes uniquely positions us to be able to handle a lot of the valuables ones estate tends to have. We have become experts in deciphering value, from fine jewelry, coin collections, silverware, oriental rugs, vintage vases, precious art, and a plethora of collectibles. This allows to know how we can provide you with more money by knowing which items to: Auction, Re-sell (where to re-sell them to get the most) or Consign.

This gives us the ability & opportunity to increase how much you get, up to 40%-70% on average when compared to other companies.



We are assuring you, that we have the unique skills required to provide you with more money, clearer & more accurate appraisals, during what is usually a difficult time for you and your family. You have enough to worry about, let us handle this for you and be confident that

 we got this